Frequently Asked Questions


One of my primary responsibilities as a professional consulting forester, is to provide advice and personal representation to clients with forestry or forest engineering problems. Most landowners are either too busy to keep up with current timber market conditions, or lack the experience or education to answer questions such as these:

  • Do you know how much timber you have and its value either for a timber sale, for buying or selling land, or for tax purposes?
  • Do you need help in contacting reputable potential timber buyers and in drawing up and monitoring a timber sale contract so that your interests and property are adequately protected?
  • Has someone stolen timber from your property? Did you know that you may be able to receive triple damages if the people who illegally removed your trees didn’t give you prior notification of their intention to harvest trees next to your property line?
  • Do you have sensitive sites where you intend to harvest that may require special non-conventional equipment, or do you need assistance in planning/locating cost effective roads for long term forest management of your entire woodlands?
  • Will you be involved in any other type of legal proceedings regarding forest land, or need assistance in determining your timber basis and depletion allowance for tax purposed?
  • Do you need professional forest management or stewardship planning assistance?

If you can answer YES to any of the above questions, then D & M FORESTRY would be happy to assist you. There are no charges for estimates, and most timber sale appraisal fees have refundable options.



TIMBER SALES — Through my contract timber cruise services, I have developed the trust and confidence of sawmills and log buyers throughout the state. As such, my timber sales draw serious bidders willing to pay competitive prices for standing timber.

TIMBER MARKING — My selectively marked sales are designed to combine individual landowner objectives with good forest and wildlife management objectives.

TIMBER CRUISING — Custom cruises are designed to be fast, accurate, and reliable. They combine state of the art technology with 30 years of on the ground measurement and grading experience.

Appraisal values are regularly validated by actual sale prices.

TIMBER SALE INSPECTIONS — I am a licensed professional logging engineer, level four certified timber cutter, and continuing education instructor for the Kentucky Master Logging Program. I know where the skid roads should go, and what constitutes a good timber cutter. My conscientious follow up timber sale inspections help insure a good quality harvest operation.

FOREST ENGINEERING — If you are looking for a custom logging job, its important to have the right equipment. I have “hands on” experience in planning and operating most logging equipment, and can help you find the right contractor to meet your needs.



in providing honest and reliable professional advice, backed with 30 years of on the ground, “hands on” experience, for either private landowners or businesses.


Timber sale services are usually provided on a commission basis, and depend upon the type of services requested, and the value of your timber being sold. Generally, I can provide the following timber sale services for somewhere between 6% to 12% of gross sale price:

  1. Mark timber and sale area boundary.
  2. 100% measure, grade, and tally marked timber.
  3. Appraise and advertise timber via individual mailings, newspaper ads, etc.
  4. Prepare contract with payment method, required performance bond, liability clauses, etc.
  5. Show timber and conduct bid opening and sale award.
  6. Conduct on the ground inspections to insure contract and BMP compliance.
  7. Determine timber basis and depletion allowance, etc. for tax purposes.

Other services are provided either on a daily or hourly rate. Calls for estimates are free and welcome.